Junior Executive:

Junior Executives for 2019-2020:

  • Elinor Frothingham

  • Logan Leemis

  • Amithav Reddy

  • Margaret Silliman

Junior Executives are eager members who want to be more involved in the organization and they are hand-selected by the executive board. Each year 3rd years apply for this illustrious position. Second years, who are pre-COMM, are also welcome to apply but priority will be given to third years in the COMM school.

Chosen individuals get the opportunity to assist current executives and are trained by them. Responsibilities include helping executive members with PR, scheduling events, and planning the annual Ankura-McIntire Case Competition. This position builds leadership skills and helps members interested in being on the executive board the following year.

Applications are made available late in the Fall semester and decisions are made thereafter.