Consulting Group at McIntire is
focused on helping students learn more about consulting. We equip students with the necessary tools and experience for a successful consulting career.

We aim to educate about the consulting industry and to provide opportunities for members to meet and network with professional consultants. We also offer peer case interviews and workshops to help students learn and refine their case interview techniques. 

Every year, we partner with Ankura Consulting to organize a case competition with groups of undergraduate and graduate students, which is meant to simulate a real-world consulting environment. Participants will work through a business problem posed by Ankura and will present their final solution in front of Ankura staff and McIntire faculty.  

Executive Team

Margaret Silliman


Concentration: IT & Management

COMM Track: Global Commerce

Email: mds3ec@virginia.edu

Jenna Taylor

VP of Finance

Concentration: Finance & Management

COMM Tracks: Global Commerce and Entrepreneurship 

Email: jt7px@virginia.edu


Gabriella Schmidt

VP of Marketing

Concentration: IT & Marketing

COMM Track: Business Analytics

Email: gxs5qa@virginia.edu

Andrew Bland

VP of Corporate Relations

Concentration: Accounting & Finance

Email: ab9ty@virginia.edu